Dear Governor Ritter:
When General Motors and Chrysler filed for Federal bankruptcy reorganization in the summer of 2009, they terminated over 2,089 automobile dealer franchises in America, 39 were in Colorado.  These franchise agreements were terminated without notice or compensation for the investment of the local Colorado families that owned and operated these stores.
HB 10-1049 sponsored by Rep. Rice and Rep. Looper provides a right of first refusal to the terminated dealers to take back their franchises when the above-mentioned manufacturers wish to reenter the markets previously closed in bankruptcy.  

I, along with 41 other legislators, have co-sponsored this legislation.
After passing unanimously out of the House Business Affairs and Labor committee, this legislation passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 60-5.  The Senate Business, Labor and Technology committee will consider this bill on Monday, February 22, 2010.
With full knowledge of HB 10-1049 and its protections for terminated dealers, Chrysler and General Motors have been actively reassigning the very franchises they cut in bankruptcy to other dealers prior to the passage and implementation of this bill, to the detriment of the very dealers were are trying to protect.
Their conduct flies in the face of the very spirit and intent of HB 10-1049 and their actions are an attempt to circumvent the General Assembly.
We ask that your office direct the Department of Revenue to immediately cease any and all approvals of new automobile dealer franchise licenses until such time that the General Assembly has had the full opportunity to review and debate the merits of HB 10-1049.
Sen. Brandon Shaffer
President of the Senate

Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
 290 East Speer Boulevard Denver, CO  80203
 Telephone:  303.831.1722  |  Facsimile: 303.831.4205