As of August 30th, 2010 the salesperson licensing exam must now be taken on line.  The two documents below provided by Auto Industry Division outline most of the implementation details:

Some key additional clarifications on the new exam and this transition:

  • Unlike the prior exam, the questions vary each time the test is taken, appear in a random order, and there is no way to review/determine which questions were missed. 
  • The time-limit for the test is 90 minutes, and two attempts per calendar day are allowed.
    • Note that this time limit means that an applicant needs to have a pretty good working knowledge of the material before starting the exam.
  • The new test requires an 85% pass-rate, while the prior exam required a 100% pass-rate
    • The test is 60 questions, so 51 correct is the minimum passing score
  • The exam must still be administered/witnessed – to affirm that the named applicant did actually take the exam without assistance. 
  • CADA will continue to provide testing administration services here at our office:
    • Those taking exams may wish to schedule a time to ensure the availability of a computer; typically we can accommodate several test takers at one time, but that could vary depending on events and other trainings/meetings. 
      • Call 303.831.1722 to schedule a time if possible, but walk-ins are welcome.
    • We will no longer need to grade the exam as that will be done automatically online; our staff can review the instructions, provide space/computers, provide copies of the study materials, oversee the exam, and sign the affidavit to affirm the exam was taken by that person at our facility.
    • We can also provide salesperson bonds:  Visit:
  • The prior License Law Manual / Study Guide will no longer be updated.  However, AID staff has indicated that the majority of the questions on the exam are still found in that study guide. 
  • AID has highlighted a version of the Motor Vehicle/Powersports Industry Laws and Regulations  to indicate the key areas covered on the new salesperson licensing exam.
    • NOTE: While the full document is 169 pages, most dealership salespersons will only need Sections 1 and 3:
      • Section 1: Motor Vehicle Laws and  Regulations (2-92 of the PDF file)
      • Section 2: Powersports Laws and Regulations (93-157)
      • Section 3: Federal Materials: some new federal materials / resources (158-169)

Where to find the new exam:
CLICK HERE to access the new online exam:

NOTE:  There is a different link to Dealer-Administered exams and to CADA-Administered exams; a different password is required by each. 

Dealership Administration of Exam
Dealerships that will administer their own salesperson examinations will need to utilize the “DEALERS” option on the “Mastery Exam” page (see above). 

These links require a specific administrator password—to obtain, please send an email from a department manager to the email listed below.  Please include your name, title, dealership, email address, and direct phone number for verification purposes. The state Auto Industry Division will respond directly to assign and provide all passwords.   

Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
 290 East Speer Boulevard Denver, CO  80203
 Telephone:  303.831.1722  |  Facsimile: 303.831.4205