JANUARY 23, 2008

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FROM “GREEN” to $ 
Chad M. Julius, Manager of CADA F&I Resource Center

For most the word “GREEN” brings to mind images of fresh-cut football fields or baseball diamonds, the color of your least favorite vegetable as a child’ or maybe the junk yard dragsters of the 1950s, the Green Monsters. In today’s automotive industry the buzz word “GREEN” has taken on many definitions that range from cash and financing to emission standards and our environment. While the manufactures are hard at work to improve the overall environmental emission impact side of “GREEN” and your CADA staff is working towards a balanced Colorado emissions standard, it is up to each of us to handle the other sides of “GREEN” within our states dealerships.

Of course, “GREEN” in terms of profits is always first in our minds. Yet it might surprise you to know that many “GREEN” related programs from industry leading vendors now allow for dealerships to gain more green in terms of profits while offering “GREEN” friendly products and processes to dealership staff, consumers and to aid our environment. Your CADA F&I Resource Center is proud to be partnered with two of the most “GREEN” friendly product providers in the industry through GE Money Warranty Services and Allstate/AHIS.

Both of these outstanding companies have strong financial asset backing and are on the cutting edge of technology that enables them to provide programs and processes that can be 100 percent “GREEN” like:

  • 100 percent web-driven offerings on VSC and GAP (GE’s B2B or Business to Business website and ORCA or Online Remittance and Cancellation Application from Allstate/AHIS);
  • 100 percent paperless rating, contract fulfillment, cancellations, remittance/billing and reporting;
  • 100 percent reduction in errors on coverage, rates, remittance/processing and even claims with the GE OCR program;
  • 100 percent cost reductions due to eliminated manpower and cost to mail paper contracts, form programming fees and even storage fees; and   
  • 100 percent faster overall processing of claims, remittances and spiffs that allow for quick payment back to your dealership.

The best part of all is that our active member dealers receive this at NO ADDITIONAL COST! That’s right, your F&I department and dealership can take a major step in the “GREEN” direction, while also providing savings back to you and working with your trusted CADA staff. Over the next couple of months, we will be in contact to review how your CADA F&I Resource Center can help your dealership use these tremendous opportunities to turn “GREEN” into profits.

For more information please contact Chad Julius at 303.831.1722 or chad.julius@cadaonline.org and visit www.geaws.com as well as https://credit.ahlcorp.com.

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Listed here are several articles pertaining to the auto industry that appeared recently in newspapers and other media outlets across the nation.

  • Toyota can't be be-all to everyone
    The Detroit News,  Jan. 21
    An unwritten rule in today's global auto business is to never, ever, underestimate Toyota Motor Corp. But like weary Michiganians glad to see last year gone, the bosses of the world's most powerful automaker probably are, too.

  • European automakers are battening down the hatches in the U.S.
    The Detroit News,  Jan. 19
    European car manufacturers are preparing for stormy weather in America. Steady sales for the likes of BMW and Mercedes, and any black ink at all, will be applauded by investors as something of a triumph as the premium car makers fight off weak U.S. market conditions, and see their bottom lines buffeted again by the dollar's weakness.

  • Thousands swarm Cobo as auto show opens to public
    The Detroit News,  Jan. 19
    The North American InternationalAuto Show opened to the public Saturday morning at 9 a.m. with more than a thousand people waiting in lines that stretched around Cobo Center.
CADA forwards news articles and opinion columns of interest
through the Open Road to inform members of current events. 
These in no way reflect the views, opinions, and/or positions
of CADA or its member dealers. They are sent for
informational and educational purposes only.



Rocky Mountain News, Jan. 15
Owners of some hybrid vehicles will soon be able to drive solo in car pool lanes, including for free on the I-25 toll lanes, under a policy that's been gathering dust for five years.

The legislature approved the idea in 2003 to encourage less polluting and more energy-efficient cars on the road.

But the Colorado Department of Transportation has been waiting for federal rules that would regulate the practice nationwide before implementing it in Colorado.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.


If you have questions on any legislative topic, please contact:

by Eric L. Chase, reprinted with permission

A plethora of issues, even some new ones, still plague the Detroit Three, and last year’s top trend concerning them continues to be in first place. Although Ford, GM and Chrysler have provided daily fodder for financial pages, the legal consequences for franchised dealers carrying their brands seems limitless. In 2008 we will see more definition in the efforts to “consolidate” (i.e., reduce) franchised outlets, and more “creativity” in pressuring dealers to move more inventory. The futures of these franchisors/manufacturers is hardly secure, and their fates will drive the future for the dealers who represent their brands.

A completely new topic appears in second place for 2008. Auto franchisors’ bold initiatives and strategies are threatening the protections in state laws, triggering a vital need for dealers and their state associations to update those laws. With a genuine sense of urgency, they need to come to grips with the serious and ongoing new challenges in the ways auto franchisors manage and manipulate dealers. After approximately four decades of enactments and improvements of franchise laws in all fifty states, these statutes now stand as dealers’ most formidable bulwarks against abuses and overreaching by powerful automotive franchisors. But the intention to “level the playing field” is now in jeopardy. In the face of increasingly audacious, clever or ingenious factory strategies in recent years, many state laws are either growing stale or inefficient. Automakers have become ever more adept at skirting or defying dealer-protective laws, and legislative responses have lagged behind. It’s time to turn this trend around.  

CLICK HERE to view the entire article. The top 10 (of 20) are excerpted below:

  1. 2008: A Transitional and Critical Year for Ford, GM and the Chrysler Group, and For Their Dealers
  2. Responding to Automakers’ Assaults on Dealer Rights and Autonomy: Dealers and Their State Associations Need to Strengthen State Laws.
  3. The Storms of Legal Issues and Concerns: The Evolving Legal Landscape Brings Abundant Challenges to Dealers; How to Cope Using Best Practices and the Legal Audit Checklist.
    Based upon plentiful feedback from dealers, I am more convinced than ever that every dealer should have and regularly use my legal checklist in self-auditing legal issues. It’s free, updated for 2008, and available:
    CLICK HERE to download “Implementing Best Practices: Eric Chase’s Legal Audit Checklist for Auto Dealers.”  
  4. Involuntary Franchise Terminations, Termination “Threats,” Brand “Withdrawals,”, “Pressured” Buyouts, Consolidations, and Rights of First Refusal
  5. Factory Strategies: Pushing the Envelope with New Agreements, Initiatives on Facilities, Exclusivity and CSI; the Insatiable Appetite for Incentives
  6. Privacy Concerns and Identity Theft
  7. Buying and Selling Dealerships
  8. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  9. Audits of Incentive or Warranty Claims: Dealer Beware.
  10. Customer Satisfaction: CSI vs. Reality


If you have questions on any legal or regulatory topic, please contact:

DISCLAIMER: CADA is not authorized to dispense legal advice.
The information contained in this weekly email is intended to provide important updates and reminders regarding statutes, litigation, and regulations. CADA always advises that dealers should consult legal counsel on the specifics of any laws or regulations to ensure proper compliance.

Top Denver Emploment attorney, Todd Fredrickson, presents:
Top Ten Blunders Employers Make in Hiring and Firing

CLICK HERE for flyer/registration form.

Practical advice to prevent employment litigation

  • Learn to avoid mistakes that often lead to big ticket employment litigation

  • Learn to address hiring issues head on, such as creating and maintaining sound pre-hire paperwork, complying with federal and state immigration laws, and not falling prey to breach-of-contract lawsuits

  • Learn to properly handle employment terminations without landing yourself or your business in the middle of a discrimination or wrongful discharge lawsuit

  • Learn to better manage your employees when dealing with difficult hire and fire issues

Todd Fredrickson, is the managing partner of the Fisher & Phillips Denver office. Specifically, Todd has defended employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability. He regularly counsels clients on a spectrum of personnel management issues, with the goal of avoiding litigation altogether. To that end, he advises employers on developing and enforcing proper application and interview policies, employee handbooks, and employment and compensation agreements. Todd also counsels employers on compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws. Much of Todd's practice focuses on training supervisors, managers, and other employees on such issues as sexual harassment, discrimination, employee discipline and discharge, and investigation of employee grievances. Todd states that educating clients is one of his favorite aspects of his job, because "In doing so, we truly become part of the client's enterprise." 

“I thought Mr. Fredrickson’s presentation was excellent! He was easy to understand and concise, his presentation was relevant to our industry, and most importantly, he provided specific suggestions and recommendations that we were able to easily implement at our dealership. I highly recommend this seminar.”
                             --Cindy Swanson, Controller, Planet Honda

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Topics City Date/Time Location
Employment Law Seminar by Todd Fredrickson of Fisher & Phillips Denver

Thursday, Jan. 24 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
breakfast included

William D. Barrow Building
290 E. Speer Blvd,
Denver, 80203
(SW Corner of Grant/Speer) 303.831.1722

Employment Law Seminar by Todd Fredrickson of Fisher & Phillips Loveland THIS WEEK!
Thursday, Jan. 24 noon to 2 p.m.
lunch included

Co’s BMW Center
4150 Byrd Drive
2nd Floor Conf. Room
Loveland, 80538
(I-25 and Crossroads Exit 259) 970.292.5200

Employment Law Seminar by Todd Fredrickson of Fisher & Phillips Colorado Springs

Jan. 30
8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
breakfast included

Antlers Hilton Hotel
4 South Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs,  80903
*Colorado Springs dealers should register with CSADA, Ann Winslow, 719.473.1465

Employment Law Seminar by Todd Fredrickson of Fisher & Phillips Pueblo

NEXT WEEK!Wednesday,
Jan. 30
Noon to 2 p.m.
lunch included

Spradley Auto West
713 E Spaulding Ave
Pueblo West, 81007
(Exit 101 West Royal Gorge/Canon City)

Event Description
NADA 91st Annual Convention & Expo Feb. 9-12 Moscone Center,
San Francisco, CA
Annual Colorado Dealer Breakfast during NADA

Sunday, Feb. 10
7:15 a.m.

The Palace Hotel
Twin Peaks Room
2 New Montgomery StreetSan Francisco, 415.512.1111
RSVP information
coming soon!

Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) Meeting Thursday, Feb. 14
7:30 a.m.
William D. Barrow Building
290 E. Speer Blvd, 80203
 (SW Corner of Grant/Speer)
 All CADA members are invited to attend. For more information, contact Nancy Burke at 303.457.5115.
Denver International Auto Show March 26-30 Colorado Convention Center, Denver
CADA Golf Event Monday, Sept. 8 Columbine Country Club
 17 Fairway Lane
 Columbine Valley, 80123

The Colorado Springs Gazette, Jan. 14

A familiar auto dealer, Dave Solon, has returned to the local market with the purchase of Kia of Chapel Hills.

Solon bought the dealership in the Chapel Hills Auto Mall on Jan. 1 from a Chicago investor, who acquired the business last year from Phil Long Dealerships.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

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