APRIL 24, 2009
*Special Edition*


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Manufacturer Bankruptcy:  What it Means and Proactive Steps for You to Prepare

 Webinar/Teleconference:   12:00pm, Friday - May 1, 2009

Legal experts will preview the implications
of a manufacturer bankruptcy
to dealers – with an emphasis on:

What dealers can do to be prepared 


Understand your rights and responsibilities in a bankruptcy proceeding:

  1. Latest on federal negotiations & resources NADA and CADA are pulling together

    • Andy Koblenz or Jim Moors of NADA plan to participate and comment on the latest

  2. Bankruptcy process and probable issues that may result–with practical advice on steps dealers can take to best protect both business and personal assets:

    • What happens if a dealer’s franchise agreement is terminated?
      What options exist?

      - Can a dealer still sell cars in Colorado without a franchise agreement?

    • What happens if a floor-plan lender “calls-in” the inventory floor-plan loan?

    • How can the dealer dispense with existing inventory?

       - What about modified inventory, is the manufacturer required to take  
         those back?

    • When might a dealer consider filing bankruptcy to obtain protection?

      - Which local attorneys possess special bankruptcy expertise?

      - What are the risks to a dealership owner’s personal assets?  

    • When will payments likely be made to dealers (rebates, warranty receivables, etc.) by manufacturer and what about those made within 90 days prior to bankruptcy filing?

    • What are the limitations on using cash proceeds from sale of existing inventory that is secured by a floor plan lender (i.e., secured creditor)? 
      Plus many more issues . . .

  3.  State law issues and implications including licensing and franchise laws

Date / Time


Friday, May 1st


Noon to 1:30pm  (MDT)


Q&A may last until 2:00pm


·        Listen to the presenter / conference call over a phone line or cell

·        View presentation slides on your computer via the Internet (optional)

·        Participants are able to submit questions directly to the presenters  via computer as well; will be asked verbally by moderator for discussion


Details on how to call / link to the session
will be provided to registrants the day prior













John Wasserman
, Attorney, Sender & Wasserman, PC, Denver

John Wasserman is an expert in Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy cases with extensive experience in Chapter 11 cases in a wide variety of industries.  

William E. Walters, III, Attorney, Kelly Garnsey Hubbell + Lass LLC, Denver

Bill Walters has been the outside counsel for CADA for nearly thirty years and has special expertise in automotive law; he has represented franchised dealers for over twenty-five years.


Michael G. Charapp, Attorney, Charapp & Weiss, LLP, Virginia / Washington, DC

Mike Charapp, former general counsel of a nationally recognized dealer group; has conducted numerous recent sessions on the implications to dealers of a manufacturer bankruptcy.

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