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Off Season Rebuilding
By CAR lobbyist Jeremy Cottrell

The best time to concentrate on your political agenda and strategy is during the off season. The time between legislative sessions is frequently the only time when the pace of politics slows enough to get a quick look at where issues may be heading. This time is precious as it allows candidates, both for incumbents and those preparing to run for office, to organize their campaigns and raise the appropriate amount of money.


It is during these summer months that many legislative members begin raising money  for the upcoming election cycle. During the past election, CADA strategically and successfully contributed to a wide variety of candidates. Contributions from CADA members helped maintain our legislative presence and convey the position of auto dealers across the state on important issues to a vast array of legislators. In fact, more than 90% of our contributions went to winning candidates.


It is now time to replenish the Colorado Committee of Auto Retailers (ColoCAR) fund so we may enjoy the same successes in 2008 that we did in 2007. You, as a dealer, may contribute up to $500 to Colorado CAR from your dealership and an additional $500 from a personal account.


Timing now is most opportune as we are coming off a major victory regarding the temporary injunction granted by District Court Judge Christina Habas on Amendment 41. Not only are ordinary citizens ecstatic over this decision, but especially those under the gold dome on Denver’s Capitol Hill.


Senator Nancy Spence took time at a recent Amendment 41 BBQ event held at CADA headquarters to express her gratitude and appreciation to those involved in the fight against 41. She added that virtually all who worked at the Capitol were extremely pleased at the initial ruling and hoped the Colorado Supreme Court re-affirms the injunction. She remarked, “It isn’t about concert and football tickets, its about having access to government and information needed to make well informed decisions.” 


We appreciate all who participated in our many legislative events over the 2007 legislative session and encourage those who haven’t had a chance to join in to do so in 2008.