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CADA Regional Meetings 2007                                  

Ten meetings for dealers across Colorado

Attendees can register through CADA via phone, fax or email. 

P: 303.831.1722, F: 303.831.9100 or E:



n    5:30 pm, Tuesday, September 25th

n    Dinner Meeting--Sterling Country Club

n    17408 Highway 14, Sterling

n    CLICK HERE to register online.

Colorado Springs

n    11:30 am, Wednesday, October 10th

n    Lunch Meeting--Garden of the Gods Club

n    3320 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs

n    Attendees can register through CSADA–719.473.1465


n    5:30 pm, Wednesday, October 10th          

n    Dinner Meeting—Pueblo Country Club

n    3200 8th Avenue, Pueblo

n    Attendees can register through PADA—Kay Stillman: 719.544.7336, e-mail


n    11:30 am, Thursday, October 11th  

n     Lunch meeting—Season’s Restaurant

n     746 Main Avenue, Durango

n     CLICK HERE to register online.

Grand Junction

n     5:30 pm, Thursday, October 11th

n     Dinner meeting--Chateau at Two Rivers Winery

n     2087 Broadway, Grand Junction

n     CLICK HERE to register online.


n     11:30 am, Wednesday, October 17th

n     Lunch Meeting--Budweiser Events Center

n     5300 Southeast Frontage Road, Loveland

n     CLICK HERE to register online.



n     5:30 pm, Wednesday, October 17th

n     Dinner Meeting—Flagstaff House

n     1138 Flagstaff Drive, Baseline to Flagstaff Road, Boulder

n     CLICK HERE to register online.


n     11:30 am, Thursday, October 18th

n     Lunch Meeting--Craig Holiday Inn

n     300 S. Colorado Highway 13, Craig

n     CLICK HERE to register online.

Glenwood Springs

n     5:30 pm, Thursday, October 18th

n     Dinner Meeting--Hotel Colorado

n     526 Pine Street, Glenwood Springs

n     CLICK HERE to register online.


n     11 am, Tuesday, November 27th

n     Lunch Meeting—Cherry Hills Country Club

n     4125 S. University Blvd, Cherry Hills Village

n     CLICK HERE to register online.