September 26, 2007
Volume #1, Issue #39


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Listed here are several articles pertaining to the auto industry that appeared recently in newspapers and other media outlets across the nation.

  • Ritter to testify before Congress on global warming

    KJCT News 8, Sept. 18

    DENVER (AP) - Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter will testify before a House committee on global warming in Washington on Thursday.


    Ritter, a Democrat who has pushed to make renewable energy a bigger part of the state's economy, will also participate in a panel discussion on the "Greening of America" sponsored by the Alliance to Save Energy.

  • Colorado driving up emissions
    Rocky Mountain News, Sept. 21
    Coloradans are driving more than ever and increasing greenhouse gas emissions at a dramatic rate, according to a report released Thursday.

  • Boulder researchers stunned by rapid retreat of Arctic Sea
    Rocky Mountain News, Sept. 21

    There was less ice in the Arctic Ocean last week than at any time in the 30 years it's been measured, researchers said Thursday.


  • Colorado air panel looks to California program to curb car emissions
    Rocky Mountain News, Sept. 21

    California motorists will pay more for cars that emit less greenhouse gases, but they will come out ahead through energy savings, a Golden State official told a Colorado air-quality panel Thursday.


    The price of a passenger car will go up by $367 to meet California's 2012 standards and $1,064 to meet the even tougher 2016 standards, said Charles Shulock of the California Air Resources Board. "But it's important to note that cars that meet these standards are more efficient," he said.


  • Carmakers turn "green" but is it a smokescreen?, September 2007

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Green is the colour at the Frankfurt International Motor Show as carmakers, with carmakers tripping over each other to make eyebrow-raising claims their vehicles are "clean" and environmentally friendly.


    But is it all just a giant green smoke screen?


  • Auto dealer uses software to track debt collections
    The Wall Street Journal,  Sept. 24

    When Jessica Batugo joined Auto Town Pontiac GMC as its collections manager in the summer of 2005, she personally took on the daunting task of tracking down debtors -- with a lot of help from a software program.


    Auto Town, which runs five dealerships in Milwaukie, Ore., typically was selling 300 cars per month -- but 80% of the checks received as down payments bounced. The average check was for $1,000 to $2,000.


    The 200-employee company had been outsourcing its bill collecting to a collection agency. But the agency charged half of the amount collected as its fee. "The profit went into the collection agency's pocket," says Ms. Batugo, 29. And the agency had recovered only 9% of the dealership's 1,800 delinquent accounts that had accumulated over two years.


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    and educational purposes only.




By CAR lobbyist Jeremy Cottrell


One week after the proposed deadline between General Motors and United Auto Workers, the two sides remain at a stalemate regarding retiree health care.


With neither side giving any ground, the present situation paints GM as asking for as much as a $5 an hour pay cut, higher medical co-pays for insurance, and likely plant closing and job cuts. Comparatively, UAW representatives rejected a proposal to fund a union-run trust to cover $50 billion in health care costs for nearly 500,000 workers.


Each side sees its perspective in a very distinct manner. GM views its offer of several billion dollars as a financially significant offer to solve a major hurdle before emerging back into a profitable and competitive automaker. UAW views the offer as a short-sided attempt to solve a long-term problem.

Until an attractive solution is reached, the possibility of a strike, which would affect not just GM but Ford and Chrysler LLC, continues to loom. Considering all of the “Big Three” automakers are in a state of reorganization, these negotiations are critical to the long-term health of both the domestic auto manufacturing picture, as well as the viability of a productive relationship between UAW and Detroit automakers.


Without a major concession from either side yet, negotiations are not expected to progress in the immediate future. Neither group appears willing to let the other side off without extracting what they see as just penance.


The ultimate outcome of these negotiations may further be impacted by stiff government mandates in the form of ultra-aggressive fuel efficiency standards, carbon emission mandates, and technological investments. Dollars spent on one category are dollars absent from another.


This tenuous relationship could solidify and allow both sides to emerge semi-victorious, or relations could deteriorate further, propelling the domestic auto landscape into a further state of gloom.






Dealerships are reminded that state “deceptive trade practices” law precludes the re-sale of a trade-in before the customer has been approved for credit on the associated purchase.  Continue to keep in mind that while all may seem to be in order (and 99.9% of the time it is), we hear from dealers now and then about financing that falls through when the finance company tries to verify employment, income or obtain other necessary information. In one case, the consumer bought a new car and quit his job two days later—apparently not realizing financing was not yet fully finalized. It is also worth taking note that this same statute defines any “guarantee” of financing before it is final to be deceptive as well, and “guarantee” is defined broadly to include “a written document or oral representation between the purchaser or lessee and the person selling or leasing the vehicle that leads such purchaser or lessee to a reasonable good faith belief that the financing of such vehicle is certain.”  Notice that this includes any verbal comments and looks at things from the perspective of the consumer.


CLICK HERE to review the relevant statute C.R.S. 6-1-708. Motor vehicle sales and leases - deceptive trade practices.


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NEW!  Web links to the Colorado Department of Revenue – Auto Industry Division and to the Titles and Registration Section have been added to the left side-bar of Open Road under “State Government Resources." Various forms and other useful information are available on both web sites. 


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In an effort to cut down air toxics, including cadmium, chromium, lead, manganese and nickel, EPA has proposed a tough body shop hazardous emissions rule. Under the proposed rule, body shops would have to:

1.  Paint only inside filtered, ventilated paint booths or prep stations.

2.  Use high-efficiency application equipment.

3.  Clean guns using non-hazardous solvents or gun-enclosed washers.

4.  Have all painters trained and certified.

5.  Make reports and keep records.

Also, any paint stripping involving methylene chloride (MeCl) will be significantly regulated, especially for shops using more than 150 gallons of paint stripper per year. Regulatory Affairs staff is reviewing the rule with input from a number of body shop managers to identify and address significant issues of concern. Comments will be filed with EPA by the October 17 deadline.

David W. Westcott
Chairman, NADA Regulatory Affairs Committee



If you have questions on any legal or regulatory topics, please contact:

DISCLAIMER: CADA is not authorized to dispense legal advice. The Information contained in this weekly email is intended to provide important updates and reminders regarding statutes, litigation, and regulations. CADA always advises that dealers
should consult legal counsel on the specifics of any laws or regulations to ensure proper compliance..




CADA member dealers asked for it and
your CADA F&I Resource Center delivered!

Many CADA member dealers have recently pointed out not enough time is spent in training your sales associates in ways to help build a stronger hand off to F&I and to help your customers have the best possible purchase experience, both of which drive bottom-line profits. This two day course is exactly what is needed to cover these important areas and much more.  


Sales Associate Training and Education
by Jan Kelly of Kelly Enterprises Inc.


Oct. 16-17 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days

William D. Barrow Building (CADA headquarters),
290 E. Speer Blvd, Denver 80203



Course Content and Purpose Covered by Jan Kelly of Kelly Enterprises Inc.

  • Discover the necessary strategies and techniques to stay at the controls of the sales

  • Address the sales cycle missteps that prevent good salespeople from making the sale.

Jan Kelly, president and principal consultant of Kelly Enterprises Inc. will utilize her 25+ years of industry experience to train these important areas. Jan’s skills have been tested and sharpened by being an NADA approved and in-demand speaker for industry events like NADA, Dealer 20-Groups, and as a featured writer for industry publications such as F&I Management and Technology Magazine and AutoExec.

Day 1           Prospecting ~ Creative ways to expand your customer pipeline

Web Tracks ~ Turning cyber leads into brick & mortar customers                           
Phone Scripts
Increasing floor traffic with on-target messages

Day 2            Road to a $ale ~ 10 quick steps to the Sale and Success

Negotiation ~ Playing by the rules that let everyone win

Getting Results ~ the S•M•A•R•T approach to the numbers game


REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE to download the flyer and registration form or CLICK HERE  to register online. Contact Chad Julius at or 303.319.8039 for more information on this CADA member-only training. Reservations must be made by Friday, Oct. 5! Don’t delay…call today and reserve your spot!


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Sales Associate Training and Education
by Jan Kelly of Kelly Enterprises Inc.
Denver Tuesday, Oct. 16 and Wednesday, Oct. 17
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days
William D. Barrow Building
(CADA Headquarters)
290 E. Speer Blvd,  80203
(SW Corner of Grant/Speer)
CLICK HERE to download the flyer and registration form or CLICK HERE  to register online. For more information, contact Chad Julius at 303.319.8039 or
Adverse Action Notices: What You Need To Know
NADA Webinar
Online Tuesday, Oct. 23
 11 a.m.-1 p.m. MST (1-3 p.m. EST)
CLICK HERE to register. The fee is $199 per computer connection. Email any questions to or call 703.821.7273.


Event Description Date/Time Location
CADA Regional






Ten meetings
for dealers
across Colorado

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Tuesday, Nov. 27
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

lunch included

* Please note different RSVP
for Colorado Springs and
Pueblo meetings.


Cherry Hills Country Club
4125 S. University Blvd.
Cherry Hills Village, 80113

Attendees can register through
CADA via phone, fax or e-mail.
P: 303.831.1722
F: 303.831.9100

(National Association of Dealer Counsel)
Fall Workshop

Oct. 15-16

NADC membership required

CADA strongly encourages membership in NADC.

Hermitage Hotel,
(Reserve rooms by Sept. 12 for discounted rate)

CLICK HERE to link to the NADC web site.
NADA 91st Annual Convention & Expo Feb.9-12, 2008 Moscone Center,
San Francisco, CA
Denver International
Auto Show
March 26-30, 2008 Colorado Convention Center, Denver
CADA Golf Event

Monday, Sept. 8, 2008

Columbine Country Club
17 Fairway Lane
Columbine Valley, 80123


voice of o'meara ford draws fans of her own


Bonnie Murray has been the voice - the very distinctive voice - for O'Meara Ford for the past 30 years, appearing in ads and TV commercials.


Murray, who serves as the company's marketing director and advertising manager, draws attention with her throaty, sped-up Southern drawl. She's got her own link on the dealership's Web site, where there are video clips of past commercials she's starred in and glamour shots, circa 1978, that can be downloaded. In one 1982 commercial, she's pitching what was then a very low interest rate of 6 percent.


These days, Murray can be seen in print advertisements wearing a cut-out, quite revealing black dress, pitching customized muscle cars.


We tried calling her this week to talk about her three decades in both the car and advertising business, but her (throaty) voice mail was full - an apt testament to her longevity.

* * * * * * * * *

Colorado Retailers Go Green
The Denver Post, Sept. 20

Dozens of Colorado retailers have made moves toward energy conservation and independence, and now Burt Automotive Group is going full-tilt with a new green
dealership and REI is in the final stages of finishing its new prototype green store
in Boulder










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