William D. Barrow Building, home of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and
the Metro Denver Automobile Dealers Association, celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Ten years ago this month, the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and the Metro Denver Automobile Dealers Association moved into what is now the William D. Barrow Building on 290 East Speer Boulevard in downtown Denver. On Saturday, Aug. 1, 1998 an open house was hosted to commemorate the building. Members, allied members and guests attended the event, many of whom are still very involved in the organization today.

“Ironically, I was one of the guests who attended,” said Tim Jackson, current president of CADA. “Certainly I did not have any idea that I would later join the staff here and be headquartered in the building.”

The million-dollar building was named after William D. Barrow, president for 28 years. “People just loved the place and have even been known to knock on the door and want to come in and see it,” said Barrow.

Before moving to Speer, the CADA offices were housed in an old restored mansion on Emerson Street. According to former CADA president William D. Barrow, “The former location was quite beautiful, but just not big enough. For starters there was not enough parking when we held events there. However, the board and I were adamant about not building a building until we could pay for it. I worked with an architect, designer and contractor for almost two years to get the new location built.”

The French-country structure houses offices and meeting spaces for both CADA and MDADA. Bob Kogel , Insurance Services
account manager, is the only person currently still on staff full-time who was with the association then and now.

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