The NADA Dealer Attitude Survey (DAS) is now going to be collected and managed exclusively on line.  Under the new system, NADA will no longer mail paper surveys to dealers. The move to online-only will significantly speed up survey processing time and allow NADA Industry Relations to report the results of face-to-face DAS meetings with manufacturers back to the dealers who completed the survey.

“The online-only methodology allows us to provide important and timely information to dealers in a manner that previously was not possible” noted Michael Regan, NADA’s VP of Industry Affairs. 

NADA has designed a new full-service DAS website at to facilitate the move to online-only.  At the website, dealers will register their dealership(s) to receive a unique User ID that will allow them to access and complete the survey online (dealers must be registered to participate in the survey). Those who sign up prior to the survey start date will receive their User ID via email on July 7. While not recommended, dealers can still register and complete the DAS while the survey is in progress. In that case, User IDs will be emailed in one to two business days.

Action is required by all dealers, but signing up is simple.  Dealers will:

  • Click on the “Register” tab on the top left side of the DAS website.  The registration form will appear.
  • Fill in the dealership’s name and address, which franchises are at that location, and registered user information.  Information for up to six individual dealerships can be entered in one session.  Dealers can use multiple sessions if they have more than 6 dealerships.
  • After completing the registration form, a screen will appear thanking dealers for their submission, and will offer the opportunity to review or change the information provided.  A click on “Finish” will complete the process.  A screen will then appear stating that the registration form has been successfully submitted.

All dealers must register to receive a User ID and take the survey, including those who “subscribed” in the past to receive an email notification about the DAS. This is a one-time registration process, except for revisions needed as a result of changes at the dealership.

The new DAS website also includes a schedule of future surveys, past survey results published in AutoExec magazine, a printable discussion guide and frequently asked questions. A lost/forgotten User ID utility will be added once the DAS becomes active.

NADA emphasizes that, as always, the Dealer Attitude Survey remains completely confidential. Manufacturers never see a dealer’s individual responses. The responses for dealers with the same franchise are combined and reported together by franchise, market group (e.g., European, Luxury, etc.) and geographic region. 

The upcoming summer survey runs from July 7 to Aug. 7, so please help publicize these important changes as soon as possible. Feel free to contact NADA Industry Relations at or (703) 821-7010 if you or your members have any questions.


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